Luxurious softness meets unmatched quality

Where does the unstoppable softness of a Lola Blanket come from? We've maxed out the softness scale by ensuring our blankets have more soft faux fur fiber per square inch than any other blanket available. Our blankets are also double hemmed, ensuring yours lasts forever.

All the good feelings

The therapeutic softness of a Lola Blanket goes a long way, but there's even more to feel good about. Lola Blankets are 100% vegan and cruelty free, stain resistant and machine washable, the perfect mid-weight yet breathable fabric, and sewn by hand with love

Thoughtful color palettes and designs

Lola blankets come in colors and designs that enhance the look of any room. With modern designs to fit any home, you will never want to put your Lola Blanket away

Gift-worthy packaging

With bold, fun-to-open packaging, you’ll feel proud sharing the world’s coziest blanket as a gift with friends and family