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How Cara Fox Is Making Homes Into Havens

How Cara Fox Is Making Homes Into Havens

Cara Fox of the Fox Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a visionary in interior design, and an expert at transforming homes into havens of comfort and style. We were lucky enough to team up with her to produce our latest blanket collection, Lola Blankets X The Fox Group, where classic design meets luxurious softness.

Cozied up in her beautiful—and we mean beautiful—New England-style home nestled among blooming cherry blossoms and the Wasatch Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, we sat down and asked her a series of questions regarding her inspiration behind this collection—also secretly hoping to catch a couple of her ingenious design tips. Among us were her two affectionate golden retrievers, 2 cats and one rescue kitten (keep reading for more on this), plus 5 trusty horses. A loving home and haven if we’ve ever seen one.


  1. “You have designed three Lola Blankets. Can you explain the inspiration behind the three blankets?”

    “When designing these blankets, we wanted to put a pattern on a really cozy, luxurious blanket. The inspiration was to draw on the most classic pattern & color out there — a buffalo check and a blue, so thus this blanket line was designed.”

  2. “Can you explain the gingham prints specifically and the colors?”

    “I think these blankets are so special because of this gingham pattern. If you know a lot about cozy blankets, then you know how hard it is to get a pattern on them. So the fact that we were able to get a buffalo check pattern on all these gorgeous shades of blue makes it multifunctional. It’s beautiful, it’s cozy, it’s warm. It makes you want to just snuggle up and I love that it has pattern and style.” 

  3. “Describe the colors that you chose for these prints.”

    “In my opinion, the most classic colors are blue and white. I knew that we wanted the blankets to be blue and white. I love all shades of blue and I don’t think I could even pick a favorite, so I knew that this would be the perfect blanket because it can go in any blue room. It goes with any blue. And then the taupe and the cream gingham goes with any room, any house, every style of home — so in my mind, Lola just created the perfect blanket here.”

  4. “Describe how they feel.” 

    “Trying to describe these blankets… I have to tell the cutest story. I rescued a little three week old kitten a week ago and the only thing that she would snuggle up in, the only thing that she would stop crying in was this blanket… this is the softest, butteriest, coziest almost like a “lion cuddle bug”. Any type of cozy animal, but really clean - that is how I would describe these blankets. Imagine the softest fur in nature, that is what you have here.

    For you animal lovers out there, this is the best of both worlds. You feel like you are snuggling your big fluffy golden retriever but it does not shed which is really unique to these type of blankets.”

  5. “How do Lola Blankets make your home more of a haven for the soul?”

    “When our dog passed away, that night we just snuggled in Lola Blankets. It was so sweet, it just warms your heart to snuggle in something cozy. I think it is part of our connection with animals.”

    "For twenty years, my slogan in interior design has been “make your home a haven” and I knew that had to be the slogan for these blankets because it brings warmth, character, and snuggly feelings to every room. It sounds cheesy but I call these blankets magical because you just want to snuggle and relax and love your home.”

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